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Name of Kitten_______________Color________________Sex____DOB ________




The buyer agrees to have the kitten altered as soon as declared old enough by a
veterinarian,  (5-6months).The buyer will provide written verification of such within 1
month of altering.  If above kitten is not altered buyer is obligated to pay a fine of
$1,000.00 plus any legal fees incurred and return the kitten.  This kitten is sold as a pet
only and not for breeding under any circumstances.

The buyer agrees to keep kitten indoors, give it a proper diet and health care, including
immunizations and yearly boosters.  Kitten should absolutely not be de-clawed or resold.  
Buyer agrees to notify seller if the buyer no longer intends to keep the kitten/cat, then
the seller will have first option to obtain the kitten/cat back.

Seller makes no guarantee as to the health or show quality of kitten except kitten has a
7 day health guarantee from date of delivery and Seller guarantees the kitten is free of
parasites, Leukemia, FIV ,and is DNA negative for HCM upon delivery.  If the kitten
should become ill during the initial 7 day period, breeder will pay vet expenses up to the
purchase price of kitten, provided illness originated in our cattery, and upon submission
of verifying vet statement.

The $200.00 deposit is non-refundable and balance of payment is due before kitten is
delivered.   Total cost of kitten is $2,600.00


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