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Royal Canin.  This is a very good dry food for your new kitten. Its available at Petsmart and
most good pet stores.  Be sure to feed wet food
too!  Fancy Feast is what I feed them and its a
good food, they like the Grilled  and Classic
varieties best.  You can buy Fancy Feast almost everywhere.


This is a great drinking water fountain that
makes your cat drink more, aerates the water
and is easy to clean.
The ceramic is good if your cat has allergies
to plastic, and the water doesn't get filmy as
fast as plastic.   You can even put it in the
dishwasher (take out the filter!)  $48~75
Another good one is a Drinkwell Ceramic.  
They come in several styles and are easy to
clean and very quiet.



This Armakat is one of the best cat trees I
have ever owned.  It is very easy to clean  (fur
doesn't stick to the fleece)  just wipe with a
damp cloth! My cats just love it.  Its very sturdy and easy to put together .  Great place to order scratching posts as well.  A good tip is to put the bottom half of it together until your kitten is a few months older, add the top higher tiers when they are able to jump that far.  The Petsmart site below has it for  about $135. 

Don't get the one that looks just like this but is cheaper!  It will not last and does not have full sisal posts, the faux fur is not glued down.  


I switched to Arm & Hammer Slide clumping
litter.  Even with all my cats and kittens the
house smells fresh with regular scooping.  It
helps your kitten know where to "go"  if you
use the same litter.  It is available at Walmart
and is dust free!  My house is much cleaner
with this litter. Great price too. I also use
Tidy Cat from Walmart, dust free varieties.


This is the last scoop you will ever buy!  
Don't waste your money on small plastic ones,
this is for a Maine Coon!  This really works
well and makes scooping the largest box you
can find  a lot faster. I use a concrete mixing
pan for a litterbox , Home Depot, $13.00!
Petsmart  Durascoop, its about $16.


PS  The best cat toy is the balled up receipt for the other cat stuff you bought!!!

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