Premier Beachcoons Angel Gabriel
Beachcoons Males
Champion Z Matrixu Sirius Black
of Beachcoons (Sirius) 10-17-08
Sire - Int Ch Hogo Fogo Z Matrixu, Cz
Dam - Imagine Silvi-Cola, Pl
HCM Heart Screened  
& DNA Negative 2009
Gabriel is our big,
wonderful, neutered  
male.  He's our official
greeter and loves
everyone, and everyone
loves him!  He is big
brother to our girls, Rosie
and Sassy and uncle to
Maudie and Pearl.   He
really is an Angel.
Sirius is a beautiful , black-smoke
boy from Z Matrixu cattery with a
world winning pedigree.  He is a
very sweet, loving social boy and  
produced beautiful large kittens in
smokes and solids, as well as silver
tabbies.  We want to thank Zuzana
Zakova for this really special boy.
Sire - Mysticoon's Logan of Maniac
Dam - Nixabillie's Aliceblue Lady
HCM  DNA  Negative 2007
3 Months
1 Year
3 Years
March 31, 2006
Now Retired
Ch Gattacamoon Indigo of Regalcoons
(Indy)    08-02-15
Silver Classic Tabby w/White
Introducing our newest addition, co-owned by my dear
friend Grace of
Regalcoons and Beachcoons.  Indy
comes to us from Slovakia and we wish to thank Andrea
Gattacamoon for this sweet beautiful boy.  He will
be taking Sirius's place in our breeding program with
some very big paws to fill.
Indy at 1 year
Dam:  Respectcoons Worburi
Sire:  Gattacamoon Adagio Fidelity
Neg/Neg for the HCM mutation gene
Now Owned by Hopecats in North Carolina